Video Editing suite

Over the years our innovation and creativity has been recognized throughout the industry - winning many prizes and awards for our videos. Recognition has come from: Film Festivals, Magazines and TV for our corporate, showreel, charity, training and music videos.

JBS Video Production works very closely on the initial brief so as to ensure we get a deep understanding of what is required and how best it can be achieved working within your budget. The first stage is to send us an e-mail with the bare bones of your project - 50/100 words - together with a ball-park figure of the budget you are working to. JBS will then come back to you with one or two obvious relevant questions in order to ascertain if JBS is the company for you and if we can help you with your project.

To give you some idea on pricing, the cost of producing a video is dependant on a number of variables: shooting time, editing, actors, equipment and off site services such as special effects, wardrobe and make-up.  Of course in many instances the above can be kept to an absolute minimum and an excellent result achieved for a comparatively modest outlay.